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How We Can Help

At MANN ROGAL we provide our clients with effective, personalized, passionate, and cost-sensitive representation, no matter what their case entails.  We specialize in handling sophisticated and complex Family Law issues.  We have extensive expertise when it comes to complex financial and property issues, high and extraordinarily high-income earners, and support issues.   We are also adept at handling custody disputes that range from low-conflict to high-conflict situations.  Through use of our creative, experience-driven, and time-tested approach to Family Law, MANN ROGAL provides skilled legal guidance and representation in any of the following categories:


-Alimony & Spousal Support
-Child Custody & Visitation
-Child Support
-Child Abduction Prevention
-Divorce and Dissolution (Contested & Uncontested)
-Domestic Violence Prevention/Defense

-Domestic Partnerships
-Modification of Custody or Support
-Modification of Judgments/Orders
-Paternity Actions
-Prenuptial (premarital) Agreements
-Post-marital Agreements
-Cohabitation and Palimony

-Property Division & Distribution
-Family Law Consultation
-Judgment Preparation
-Grandparent or Family Member Visitation Rights
-Contempt and Enforcement
-And many more areas of Family Law

Getting The Edge In Your Case

Family Law matters can range in their complexity and attendant costs.  Certain elements of other areas of expertise can, and often do, come into play in Family Law matters.  Highly regarded consultants and expert witnesses, including those whose specialties are not necessarily related to Family Law matters, often help you get the edge in your case.   It is important to hire an attorney who not only knows how to use these specialty services, but also when to use these specialty services.  MANN ROGAL is that attorney.

Need Help Now?

If you are in need of a Family Law attorney in Los Angeles County, Orange County, Ventura County, San Bernardino County, or Riverside County, it is important to contact MANN ROGAL, immediately.  If your matter is urgent, or if you are just calling to get information, speaking with an attorney at MANN ROGAL is the first step to success.  Call us today at 310-620-2314 to see how we can help.



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